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a compound specially designed for application inside doors, ...

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specially designed for the entire chassis or underside areas of your vehicle ...

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scientifically designed Rust Control Compound. Technology that works ...

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Our Products

A scientifically designed Rust Control Compound. This rust control formula is annually applied, technologically designed and manufactured to control rust in the motor vehicles, whether they are used, new or antique.

To provide progressive rust control the OIL-TECHNOLOGY contains a number of chemicals, one which could be termed a creeper chemical, designed to carry the material into the tight weld seam where the problems begin. Once inside the tight weld seams, another chemical displaces the moisture, so the the rust inhibitor contained in OIL-TECHNOLOY can begin treating the metal. As the year progresses, so does the OIL-TECHNOLOGY, as it continues to creep into the seams, cracks and crevices, providing ongoing protection for your investment.

Oil Tech-235

Oil Tech-235 is a compound specially designed for application inside doors, rocker panels and tubular frame sections. The special formulated oil is designed to creek and travel throughout the car and into all your nooks and crannies, to push out all of the unwanted water. Oil Tech-235 will find is way into all the seams and folds and protect your vehicle.

Oil Tech-236

Oil Tech-236 is a specially product designed for the entire chassis or underside areas of your vehicle. Oil Tech-236 is developed to cling to your underside and block any unwanted water and salt from penetrating into your metal. This product is built to last, it will protect your vehicle throughout the year, whether you oil in the summer or the winter.


The OIL-TECHNOLOGY utilizes a specialized mineral-oil base.

Mechanics and body men have known for years that oil in itself has certain rust controlling properties. However, oil based products are designed for specific purposes, and certain problems arise when they are used for a purpose other than that for which they are designed, such as dealing moisture present in weld seams, getting into weld seams, dealing with present rust, etc. Hence the OIL-TECHNOLOGY was designed to take advantage of natural rust inhibiting properties of oil, yet eliminate the problems, by using a non-toxic mineral oils a base and blending in the properties and rust inhibiting qualities desired.